Nature’s gifts are all around us

Using natural resources for food, health, shelter and more has been the way for thousands of years but in recent generations we have forgotten a lot of what our fore-bears knew instinctively.

Plants we now see as weeds are often highly nutritious (see Eating Green) and many have healing properties either through ingestion and/or topical application.

Nature doesn’t just provide us with physical gifts we can use to make things with, it can help us find a sense of calm and wellbeing if we allow ourselves to connect with it and understand ourselves as part of the natural world.

Follow me on my journey to discover the bountiful gifts that nature provides.

The gifts of nature I am exploring are:

Aloe Vera

I have been drinking Aloe Berry Nectar Gel for about 5 years and wouldn’t be without it.  It has helped both my skin and my digestive system.  Forever’s gel is 90.7% pure aloe.  Find out more here …

Home-made Remedies 

Whether it’s to clean my skin or my house I’m keen to use chemical-free, natural products.    I will be exploring my buying options in ‘Green Living‘ but I will also try making some of my own products.

Forest Bathing 

Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) is about immersing yourself in the natural environment and making connections to benefit both you and nautre.  I am training to be a Shinrin Yoku Practitioner.

Moon Power 

My partner always gets excited by the moon and finds it magical, so I have signed up to a course to learn more about the power of the moon and it’s influence on us.

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