Living in a way that is kind to the planet

When it comes to making environmental change it’s easy to feel like a tiny winy cog in an enormously large wheel and doubt that anything we do individually, good or bad, truly makes a difference in the bigger scheme of things. 

However, if you do X and I do X and the person next door to you does X and my friend in the next village does X and my sister 30 miles away does X and that’s happening for everybody, that’s a lot of people doing X and it will make an impact, good or bad.

So our choices do make a difference and we should consider how our everyday choices could be altered, even just slightly, to have a more positive effect on the environment.

The aspects of greener living that I am trying to embrace are:

Buying Choices

Things to consider:

      • Air-miles of product
      • Delivery of product
      • Shopping local
      • Seasonal food
      • Packaging
      • Ethical suppliers
      • Fast Fashion

Plastic Use 

Things to consider:

      • Packaging
      • Single-use plastic
      • Plastic in fabric

The 3 Rs 

Things to consider:

      • Reduce what we buy/use
      • Green bin recycling
      • Composting
      • Alternative use
      • Make-do and Mend
      • Charity Shops

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