Already drinking Aloe regularly?

Make sure you never run out and always feel Aloe-tastic with my monthly Aloe Plan 

As a regular aloe drinker you will know that consistency is the key to reaping the benefits of the power of aloe.

Drinking a bottle every now and again will not give you the results you’ve experienced from drinking your aloe shot every morning for weeks on end.

But life is hectic and it’s easy to realise too late that the bottle you’re just finishing is your last, and whilst you have every good intention of getting in touch to place your order, things distract you and before you know it, a few weeks have passed and you’re starting to feel the loss of the benefits.

That’s exactly why I’ve set up a monthly Aloe Plan!

Monthly Aloe Plan:


Monthly payment of £50 taken by direct debt


4 weeks supply of your chosen aloe drink delivered directly to your door every month


1 job ticked off your list each month

Maintain the benefits of drinking Aloe with a monthly plan

I have designed the MONTHLY ALOE PLAN to make leading a healthy life-style a little bit easier for busy people.

You can’t buy your aloe in your weekly shop so it’s another job on the long list of things you need to do if you have to remember to order it every month.

With the Monthly Plan all the thinking is done for you.  Simply choose your favourite flavour, set up the direct debit and I will make sure your aloe lands on your doorstep every month.

All you need to do is remember to drink it to maintain the benefits you are already experiencing!

If you want to order Forever Freedom please speak to me directly to set up a monthly plan.

To place your order click on the button below, complete your details and you will then be taken to the payment page to set up your direct debit.

If you have any problems with your order or any questions please contact me on 07955 671455.

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